Alexander Melgar is a visionary entrepreneur, speaker, and business coach extraordinaire. From a modest restaurant owner in El Salvador to the founder of a top-ranking nationwide facility maintenance organization, Alex has sculpted his journey with determination, learning, and an innate calling for entrepreneurship

Ambassador Services

Ambassador Services was born out of the natural progression for me after having worked as a floor technician and experienced firsthand what it means to tend to the needs of our customers. My enterprising experience in the sector gave me the knowledge, confidence, and expertise to set the foundation of our company based on solid core values: honesty, commitment, and transparency. These values are at the heart of our company, and we work tirelessly every day to uphold them.

Ambassador Services is your single source for comprehensive maintenance and ground solutions. Our goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience. And we deliver inspiring spaces where teams can thrive, enabling our clients to focus on growing their business.

Through eco-Innovative solutions, safe procedures, and swift communication, we’ve earned an unparalleled 92% customer retention rate and lasting relationships with the owners of more than 395 commercial properties. In addition, while focusing on customer satisfaction, Ambassador Services also boasts an 82% employee retention rate, showing proof of excellence to everyone associated with the company. Ambassador Services maintains its flawless track record by ensuring that every person, facility, and all greenery is treated with professionalism and care. Our commitment to the highest level of detail is supported by the core values of a company built by someone who deeply understands this industry


While operating a commercial maintenance service company, Alex discovered there wasn’t a service management platform that could do everything their business needed. So he decided to create a proprietary solution. This Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP platform would allow them to manage their client’s needs, from scheduling the crew to billing the client, tracking work orders, running reports, and overseeing operations in real-time.

The uSource platform has been designed to make the end user’s life easier. It aims at relieving routine management tasks and making it easier for everyone involved with these processes, including facilities that are looking into tracking work orders or staff schedules.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate, and the powerful features allow users to manage their business efficiently. uSource was created to fill a need in the facility maintenance industry, and it has become the go-to solution for so many thriving companies. uSource is changing the future of the facility maintenance industry by creating functionality while improving communication, increasing sales, and promoting safe operations. uSource handles the details and grants business owners the ability to manage effectively.

The uSource team is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our users, and we continue to update and improve the platform based on feedback from our community.

GMT Capital Group

GMT Capital is a private equity firm with investments and formal business acquisitions in diverse sectors, including:
  • Real Estate
  • Finance & Investments
  • Commercial Maintenance Services
  • Technology
Our mission at GMT Capital is to invest in entrepreneurs and execute business acquisitions. We provide financial support to various organizations and offer their executives the mentorship, advisory and support to enable them to thrive. Our funding originates from private capital, and we count with the support of a small, tight network of investors, vs. working with many financiers with more limited resources. We enable entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, through funding their business as majority shareholders. In this instance, our team will be more hands-on and drive the overall strategy and direction, managing the company more directly. With more established businesses, we’ll take on sort of a minority advisory role, where Alex and others provide consulting support to their long-term strategic direction and coach them on their day-to-day operational challenges, preventing unnecessary missteps and guiding them in scaling the business. Lastly, we also dedicate effort to identify companies that would complement our line of business and merge with them with the goal of a more efficient model, expansion into new markets and a robust service delivery. We have acquired companies into our organizations and have also referred business for others entrepreneurs in our network.

Melgar Consulting

Melgar Consulting’s ethos is centered around the principles of integrity, dedication, and transparency. These values, coupled with a relentless commitment to client success, drive the venture to deliver solutions that are not only innovative but also practical and user-centric. The consulting services offered are meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of each business, focusing on fostering environments where both employees and business goals can flourish harmoniously.

The commitment to providing exceptional experiences and creating harmonious, productive spaces sets Melgar Consulting apart. The venture is dedicated to empowering facility maintenance businesses to concentrate on their growth while ensuring operational excellence and superior customer satisfaction. By combining eco-innovative solutions, swift communication, and safe procedures, Melgar Consulting guarantees a seamless journey towards sustainable success and high customer and employee retention rates.

Melgar Consulting is not just a consulting service; it’s a partnership, a guide, and a catalyst for transformative change, enabling businesses in the facility maintenance sector to realize their full potential and reach new heights of success. The venture is driven by a passion for elevating industry standards and contributing to the ongoing evolution of the facility maintenance sector.

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